Happy at work – inspirational talks and seminars

For the past 9 years, Jon has given talks and led seminars on how to increase happiness and engagement at work. His talks have been for both businesses and public companies as well as at conferences. Audiences have ragend from 10 til 600 participants. Typical settings range  from department meetings, company fieldtrips, after-work events, strategy seminars or kickoffs to keynotes at conferences on anything from increasing productivity, reducing stress, delivering better service and more.

The seminar is first and foremost engaging and relevant. No boring lecture here, but a talk full of energy and humor, with Jon taking pride in activating the participants and keeping them alive – also immediately following lunch.

And most important: The talk is full of practical ways to create more happiness at work, leaving participants empowered to shape their jobs and be more happy at work. This is more that the classic motivational speech – this is a specific and easy-to-do way to creating more happiness in your work and in your life.

There are a lot of people from Denmark who can do pep-talks, no doubt about that, but what JON does is grab you attention and keep you focused on what he’s presenting, leaving with you with a desire to learn even more.

– Danny Nielsen, DP Clean Tech Europe

Jon did a super job with us in 25A and our coworkers. The response have been good, and we are measurable more happy at work.

– Peter Lindemann, Novo Nordisk


The Happy at Work talks and seminars share examples from workplaces that have led the way. Jon introduces the audience to his heroes of happiness – people who have defied opposition and the status quo and created the happiest jobs – jobs where people look forward to coming in each morning. The cases are mixed with the newest findings from sciences such as brain research, positive psychology, sociology, group dynamics and experiments on humans :o)

The talk covers:
  • What creates happiness at work?The latest science
  • Why you should care:
    What’s in in for me, when do I become happy at work?
  • Happiness at Work and increased engagement is a winning business strategy!
  • Inspiring stories from the front runners
  • Tools, tips and happy ways to get going today!


Jon’s TED talk:

When clients do the talking…

Our seminars and workshops on happiness at work, motivation and leadership are well received, as illustrated below.

A conference organizer lays it out:

If you need a speaker with a fantastic energy, who is both inspireing and  delivers food for thought, then on behalf of 50 dental assistants I can only recommend Jon.

– Peter Lembke Gerdes, CEO, DentaNet – an organization of dentists


…and from three-time awardee for Best Place To Work in Denmark I got this one:

You hit the nerve in what is’s really all about… Happy people/employees/coworkers make for satisfied and happy customers! I sincerely hope you will continue spreading your happy message – from this end I send a big Thank You from a more that happy participant.

– Jacob Beier, General Manager, Horsens branch, Middelfart Savings&Loan (Best Place to Work 2005, 2008, 2009)


I conference trip led to this feedback form the organizer:

Thank you very much for your presentation at our HR Conference, I really enjoyed it, it shows how Danish are the most happy people :-)
– Michaela Jezikova, Conference Consultant, In Form Slovakia


…and then this one came in the fan mail:

Great meeting you – I must say you are remarkably inspiring and talented.
– Tanja H. Sorensen, Media Consultant, Eniro Denmark


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