Here you can download the form I use to track my habitsThe Habit tracker - shaping productive habits

It’s simple to use, and I explained on the the HappyWays Podcast, episode 34:

  • Decide on a desired daily behaviour, e.g. “Get up on time”.
  • Can be a negative to avoid, e.g. “Eat no sugar”.
  • Make sure that it is specific and measurable. Saying “I love you” is specific, “being nice to people” is too vague.
  • Write the behaviour on a line in the form for the current month.
  • Track your success daily, and give yourself a dot on days where your are succesful.

Important: Nobody is perfect, and you will fail at most of these, on some days. Aiming for 80% completion is ambitious for most people.

After a month, evaluate your successes and failures and consider if the same behaviour should be tracked for another month, of if something should change. Once you find the behaviour easy, it comes to mind on its own, and it’s now something you do without much expenditure of willpower, you have created a habit.

Download the Habit Tracker by signing up for my weekly inspiration Magic Monday by using this form (download links for Excel and pdf files are included in the email):