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Movie review: In search of happiness…

“Happiness is a skill”. This is the conclusion offered by Eiji Han Shumizu when asked about his lessons from the making of the documentary Happy. That happiness is a skill also implies that some people are better at it that others, and more importantly: It is trainable.  “Happiness is a skill” – Eiji Han Shumizu, […]

Embracing change like a long lost lover

People love change. Seriously, they do. And yet, we keep telling each other that change is a bad thing, and most managers I meet talk of resistance to change in their organizations. These are the managers who say they want to improve things, and then complain that their people don’t want any part of it. Why […]

Happy Monday – how to start your week

So, it’s monday around the corner, a day that many people dread, or at least view with some regret. A day where most people again have to get up early, and a busy change from a calm sunday. If you’re like me, Saturday nights’ party can still be felt, and that second Sunday would really […]

Be happy at work: Skip a meeting

Ever been in a meeting where the most pressing thought was something like I’ll never get back that hour of my life…? Then you have witnessed firsthand the sad truth, that a lot of meeting are a waste of time, effort and sheer human potential. It’s time to cut back, reclaim your worklife and be […]

The Work Less Challenge

Can’t talk, working. Can’t eat, working. Can’t come home, working. If you have felt you didn’t have enough time to get your work done, then I’d like to offer a different perspective that will make you more effective and more happy at work: Instead of desperately trying to squeeze in more hours for work, give […]