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HW 034: Shaping better habits – a webinar recording

In this episode the topic is of masssive importance to your quality of your life, and to your ability to achieving your goals: Your habits. The episode is a recording from a webinar I did on May 19th 2020, and I cover why shaping habits is often hard – and what you can do to […]

HW 033: A conversation with Nikola Danaylov

My guest today is bestselling author Nikola Danaylov, from Singularity Weblog. His book, Conversations with the Future, is available on Amazon. We discuss where the world is headed, and more importantly how we will get there. We cover the current pandemic, and bad as it is, Nikola points at a silver lining. 

HW 032: Happy Henry interview

We’re back!  Henry Stewart founded and runs Happy, a London-based training company. The company has purposefully been moulded into a happy workplace, and in this episode Henry shares some of his secrets. We discuss good and bad managers, e-mail tactics, giving people freedom, not making decisions and dealing with whining and complaining. You can read […]