HW 017: Hacking Productivity for Happiness, Part 2

The second installment in the series on Time Management and productivity picks off where the first show left off. Rambling for a bit about procrastination, Jon then revisits the point about there being too much work. The episode then looks at:

  • Modern productivity: Hours spent and results achieved are not connected (!)
  • How to do more by working fewer hours
  • How doing that “one thing” can massive increase results and your sense of achievement
  • Postponing and adding more time only adds to your stress and worries
  • Urgent task are not more important, but we tend to think so, and thus work on the wrong things
  • The Eisenhower Matrix and why you should try and keep track of everything you do, for one day.

The show notes for this series are collected in a larger post on hacking productivity and Time Management. To download the episode click here, listen via the player below, or as always: subscribe (for free) on your smartphone.