HW 016: Hacking Productivity for Happiness, Part 1

Perhaps the most common problem in modern civilization (meaning almost all over the world) is the constant stress people are subjected too. What seems like ever increasing demands on our time, energi and focus is threatening to kill us – literally.

This show kicks off a series of shows all revolving around personal productivity and Time Management. In this first episode Jon gives a brief history of Time Management, looks as some of the (modern) classic literature and then starts exploring principles he has identified to help you succeed.

The episode look at:

  • the importance of actually liking you job
  • don’t spend time and energy fixing something that should be abandoned
  • the endless supply of work
  • how trying to “get it done” will only lead to frustration
  • on being happy despite having to much work
  • Parkinson’s Law and how work fills available time
  • The episode ends with specific tolls for limiting time spent on tasks, to reduce overload and finish in better time.

For this series, the show notes are more substantial, and all is collected in a growing post on hacking productivity and Time Management. To download the episode click here, listen via the player below, or better: subscribe for free on your smartphone, if you havn’t already.