HW 014: On digital stress and detoxing

While time spent watching television might be dropping, many people are spending large amounts of time on social media, and reading news and blogs online – with unfortunate side effects. More and more studies show that being constantly connected via our computers and smartphones can lead to stress and anxiety. Facebook Stress is now a thing!

This episode explores the issue and looks at both consequences and possible solutions. The episode ends with Jon going on a Media Detox himself, and you are invited to join.

Links from the show:
ColdTurkey increases productivity by blocking browsers and apps.

See this solid article referencing several studies on anxiety and social media.

And another article on stress and social media, including the “cost of caring” effect, and how it’s different for men and women.

For the full text for the suggested “Media Detox” homework get the free ebook The Happy Dozen.

Listen to the episode below, or download the file here or listen via iTunes or Stitcher (buttons at the top).