HW 013: Digital Nomad: My one year of traveling

In late April of 2015 I left my native Denmark to travel Europe and the World. Frankly, I had gotten a bit bored and my exodus was an attempt to challenge habits and notions of how one is “supposed” to live. In this episode I look back on the year that has come and gone, and I reflect on lessons learned and insights gleaned.

One thing I reflect on is the many concerns expressed by my friend. “Won’t you grow fat?” was the most humorous one, but behind the many friendly questions I sensed the insecurities that holds so many people back from pursuing there dreams – or just and adventure.

One year later and I’m still out there, traveling to clients and speaking engagements where they might show up, and I’m not done leading. Perhaps in a years time I’ll do a follow up. Listen to the episode below, or download the file here or listen via iTunes or Stitcher (cool buttons at the top of the page).