HW 012: The Trees Remember

In the early summer of 2015 I had the distinct pleasure of riding my motorbike through the beautiful landscape of Croatia. It was a trip I had been wanting to make for years, ever since I as a 16-year old learned of then country through media coverage of the Balkan civil war.

I wanted to experience the beautiful, green landscape with its farms and villages, and I thought I had to hurry up. Little did I know of how the landspace continues to bear the scars of war, and will do so for years to come.

This episode is a special recording of a 10-minute speech I gave while there, to a small group of international travelers and a few locals. I’ve recorded a short introduction, followed by the speech itself: The Trees Remember. As this is the first time I share a speech in the podcast, I’d love to hear your opinion: Do more, or please please never again?

Listen below, or download the file here or listen via iTunes or Stitcher.