HW 007: Why I Hate Email

Remember the time when letters came in envelopes? Back when urgent meant you had only days to reply. Back in the days of the Datsun and Walkman.

Today, letters are electronic and answers expected 5 minutes before the question is even asked. Inboxes are burgeoning and quality is dropping. This would all be somewhat fine if productivity had shot up as a consequence, but it hasn’t, not at all. The only thing going up is volume and stress levels.

This needs fixing. A few technology firms like Podio offer alternatives, but they still require that the entire team make the switch to the new tool. If that has not happened at your workplace yet, you must rely on yourselv for survival. In episode 07 of The HappyWays Podcast I therefore look at a brief history of email, followed by the 10 big issues I experience in using email. To not leave listeners too depressed I then offer 10 tips for better email habits. Since I don’t expect you to quit email altogether I can at least try to lessen the impact on your happiness and busy schedules. Listen to the show below or download the file here.