HW 006: To Quit Or Not To Quit

It never ceases to amaze me how long some people will stay in an unsatisfying job. When I look at how much negativity from colleagues or outright bullying from bosses some people will stand for, I’m utterly baffled.

Granted, my own tendency to “do a Houdini” and get out in 60 seconds as soon as things get hard is not a strategy I will recommend for just anyone, especially those whose financial situation is tight. One boss once told me, along with with his wishes of good luck for the future, that I would probably “have to learn patience”. Well, I never did.

This episode dives into some of the lies we tell ourselves and the excuses we make for not getting out of a shitty job. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of them. From the past, of course, as I’m sure you wouldn’t be stuck in a shitty job now, would you…? Listen to the show below or download the file here.