HW 004: Revenge At Work

Happy at work podcast on revenge Episode 04 of the The HappyWays Podcast is titled Revenge At Work and it dives into poor and unprofessional behavior in the workplace. To download this episode directly podcast click here, or get in iTunes or via Stitcher by following the cool buttons above.

The short and sweet of it

“Getting even” seems, at least to my eyes when looking out at the world, to be a natural part of the human condition. When speaking in public we applaud unselfish behavior and turning the other cheek. When pushed however, all os us have within us the ability to strike out and act nasty or cruel. And so, from time to time, we come across people who seem to be downright bastards. This week The HappyWays Podcast explores the concept of people using their professional positions to get back at the world, and it looks into how you can better handle it and yourself.

In this episode you’ll hear examples of reporters using their direct acces to the media (heck, they are the media!) to express their own misgivings as well as the chef who kills a steak when a customer has the nerve to complain. We’ll also explore the case of the bus driver who slams the bus door and drives off, pretending he didn’t notice the person standing in the rain.

In trying to justify that most people are in fact not the assholes we might judge them to be, I’ll look more closely at the famous 1964 story of the murder of Kitte Genovese. This story shows, that although we might as a crowd seem uncaring, as individuals we’ll the show better behavior.

But still we seen them. The assholes. Professor Gareth Morgan labels their unprofessional behaviour Regulatory Sadism, in his 1986 book Images of Organization, and we’ve all been victims at one point or another. The show Revenge At Work ends by giving a few pieces of advice for your own reactions, so you don’t end up being the asshole.

Recommended reading

Besides the article on the Kitty Genovese murder and the solid book by Gareth Morgan mentioned above, I highly recommend the book The No Asshole Rule, by researcher Bob Sutton. It the heat of the moment I forgot to actually mention the book on the show, but now you have it here.

Dit you meet a sadist at work? Crossed paths with an asshole? I’d love to hear your story below, as well as any comments or question you might have.