HW 003: An end to whining and complaining

For years I’ve been battling whining and complaining in the workplace. I’ve talked to thousands of people about this, and in two separate surveys I did, coworkers complaining at work came out at the number one cause of people having a bad day.

This has to stop, and so I talk about problems and solutions in most of my seminars. In this episode of The HappyWays Podcast, I describe the problem and offer seven different strategies for dealing with the whiners. View them as peaceful alternatives to getting in a fist fight…

On the show I mention my hero Manoj Bhragava’s initiative Billions in Change, and you can find that here. Do watch their short documentary!

Book recommendation (I actually forgot to mention the book): The No Asshole Rule, by Bob Sutton. Bob’s studies show how assholes at work (he insists on calling them that) costs the company money, in addition to giving everyone a bad day.

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