HW 002: Weekly Rituals For Socializing At Work

“So, you’re saying I actually have to like the people I work with?” Yep, at least it’s a good start. According to science, at least for most people the number one factor responsible for their happiness is: Other people. The people you around you (damn them all…), both family, friends and coworkers have a large impact on the quality of your day, and how you feel.

This episode explores som basic, and perhaps a few not so basic tips for socializing at work, so you can all get to know each other better. All of it fun, by the way – no putting anyone in the hot seat!

On the show I mention some ressources to look at, and here are the quick links for those: Ed Deci talking at TEDx, the book Why We Do What We Do by Ed Deci, the book Flourish by Seligman, and a pretty solid article on the culture of Zappos.com, over on FastCompany. Enjoy.

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