Jon gave an excellent presentation – highly professional while also being very emphatic and humorous. I’ve only heard positive comments from the staff.
– Charlotte Cassandra Leth, Sanofi-Aventis
Thank you very much for your presentation at our HR conference, I really enjoyed it, it shows how Danish are the most happy people :-)
– Michaela Jezikova, Conference Consultant, In Form Slovakia

For the past 9 years, Jon has given talks and led seminars on how to increase happiness and engagement at work. His talks have been for both businesses and public companies as well as at conferences. Audiences have ragend from 10 til 600 participants. Typical settings range from department meetings, company fieldtrips, after-work events, strategy seminars or kickoffs to keynotes at conferences on anything from increasing productivity, reducing stress, delivering better service and more.

The seminar is first and foremost engaging and relevant. No boring lecture here, but a talk full of energy and humor, with Jon taking pride in activating the participants and keeping them alive – also immediately following lunch.

And most important: The talk is full of practical ways to create more happiness at work, leaving participants empowered to shape their jobs and be more happy at work. This is more that the classic motivational speech – this is a specific and easy-to-do way to creating more happiness in your work and in your life.

Whether you are a CEO looking to improve your firm’s workplace culture, a team leader looking to bring your group closer together, or simply a man or woman who wants to improve your own workday, this is a book you can benefit from today.

It is designed and written in a clear-cut and modular way. Each of the 100 chapters presents a clear activity to implement for future benefit, so there is plenty to choose from.

Don’t spend another moment in an unhappy workplace – grab this book and get started on creating a happy, safe and enjoyable workplace right away.

Get a free preview of the book with 12 BONUS actionable items you can use to improve your work life today, “The Happy Dozen” here.

Every week Jon talks about happiness at work, current events and sometimes interviews interesting people.

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It’s summer in Europe, and Jon is about to do a time out. From seminars, from podcasts, from everything. In other words: It’s vacation time!